8 Principles For Customer Service Excellence

8 Principles For Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service is an integral part of a large or small company. It is easier to retain Check our website a customer than find a new one. Without a good customer service, companies would lose clients to their competition, which is the last thing an organization wants especially in these tough times.

This article deals with presenting yourself in the best position possible to deliver superior customer service. These ideas are not new, but they are tried and true principles that will set you apart from others.

1. Be a Great Listener – Customers love to vent. They want you to physically feel the emotional angst they are going through at that moment in time when you pickup the call. A Customer Service representative needs to have the patience to listen to the issues and problems before jumping in with a solution. As a great listener you will immediately be a credible resource to the person on the other end within 30 seconds. Take the time to hear what they have to say before jumping in with your resolution. If you interrupt the flow of the information coming in, the customer will immediately sense you kill shot bravo cheats online are not paying attention and become even more irate and ask to talk to someone else. Which is the last thing you want to have happen.

2. Phone Presence – As a Customer Service Representative, you will most likely be on the phone 90% of the time. Having the ability to speak articulately and pronounce words so that you are clear and easily understood is a crucial in this role. A representative that cannot get their point across to a customer when they need help will only frustrate them further.

3. Promote the Desire to Help – A Customer Support Representative needs to have the fundamental desire to assist others. To understand their issues quickly and provide solutions that will make them feel that the company cares about them, no matter what the issue is. If you do not have this basic character trait, then a customer support position may not be for you.

4. Dedicated Problem Solver – The reason you are in this position, is to listen to the problem being conveyed by the customer and offering solutions to those issues, quickly. Chances are, the company has given you the necessary training, knowledge and processes to fulfill this obligation. Your job is to execute the process based on the training and information you have. In addition, you will have a support system of supervisors and knowledge experts that you can draw from if needed.

5. Patience – Another important character trait that is difficult to master is patience and empathy. Having the patience to listen to the customer and work through each call is a critical factor to keep your own head when others are screaming at you over the phone. It is easy to get caught up in the emotions being forced upon you, causing premature burn out. Having the ability to be a calming influence can help relieve the stress the customer may be feeling at that time.

6. Communication – The art of Communication is a learned skill that customer service representatives need to become more aware of as they develop over time. It is easy to to tell a customer that you can help them because that is what they want. Telling a customer “No” is a difficult task, but can be done with respect and sincerity.

7. Sincerity and Honesty – a Customer will know when you are being truly honest with them or condescending. If you present the facts and your position in wanting to help them through the issues with best possible solution, they will be very appreciative of your efforts.

8. Do as You Say – Establishing trust is critical in satisfying the customer. If you are share this site going to investigate and call them back, do it. Make a commitment and stick to it. It will become a principle that many customers will expect and know you will deliver on.

8 Tips To Protect Your Garden Water Feature During Winter

8 Tips To Protect Your Garden Water Feature During Winter

Winter is here! This leaves us lots of small chores and tasks, some of which it’s very wise to not put off for very long. If you have a water feature, chief among them is to make sure you’ve taken the time and the small effort to winterize it and protect if from the season’s elements. Winterizing your water feature equals a big potential savings both in money and even in time later down the road. Believe me minutes spent now could save you hours come spring!
Let’s take a look at some easy tips to get your water feature ready for winter. We’ll keep them pretty broad so they’ll cover small features all the way up to the medium end of things at 200 gallons or so. Most of us fall within this range.
Here we go!
1. Keep the Water Moving. This is very important, especially if you have fish. Most people will either keep their pumps at a maximum flow to ensure big water movement and avoid it freezing over or warm a small area of their feature for the fish (if any) to take up residence in. This should keep you fro freezing over totally and help protect your water feature.
2. Take out the Plants. Removing plants is a great idea for the winter and I’d suggest taking care of this at kill shot bravo cheats online first frost.
3. Clean, Clean, Clean. I know, cleaning your water feature is no fun but it’s also absolutely necessary. Start with any large debris and then work your way down to the small stuff. Check carefully and see if there’s algae either on the bottom or sides of the feature or on or near the pumps (if any.) Don’t worry if you do find algae, it just means you’re going to have to follow through with a algae treatment or two. These treatments are pretty inexpensive and all you do is follow the simple directions on the bottle. Another one of the possible options is to drain the feature (if practical) and totally scrub it down and then refill before freezing weather comes in but this depends on your individual water features size and complexity as well as your own time and desire to deep clean.
4. Pump Removal. OK should you choose not to keep the water moving (tip 1) it’s very important to remove your pump or it will freeze and break. This will turn into a very big avoidable expense as water gets into the inside of your pump and ruins the electric work. Whether you choose to follow tip 1′s advice or tip 4 here is really up to you, and the aesthetics of your outdoor area but please, for your winter garden’s sake, do one or the other!
5. Prune shadow fight 2 cheats tool Surrounding Trees. This will save you lots of time having to clean your water feature every day. Prune your surrounding trees so they are constantly dropping debris into you feature. You’ll look nice and not have to worry about your pump clogging should it still be running or other issues. Spring will go much smoother as well!
6. Clean up Brown Water. If you didn’t act fast enough with cleaning out your water area and removing debris / pruning your surrounding trees you may notice your water taking on a hint of brown. Follow the steps above first and then add activated carbon to the water to quickly get it sparkling again.
7. Consider a De-Icer. If your area is known to become super cold a floating de-icer is a good option to protect your water feature in winter. These are very cool (no pun intended) floating in the water and automatically turning on when it reaches a freezing temperature, turning back off once the water is heated. A great way to save money as well as ensure your feature isn’t damaged.
8. Keep the Fish Happy! If you do have fish there’s no need to feed them all winter as they’ll naturally enter a sort of hibernation. In fact once the temp gets around 55F if you do keep feeding them you can even endanger their lives! So cut them off at that point. What you will need to consider is adding a small re-circulating pump to keep the water oxygenated for them. This will also keep a whole in the ice, if any, ensuring a gas exchange and live, happy fish.
So share this site as you can see there’s lots of winter excitement to be had keeping your water feature protected from the elements! Did I miss any tips you do every year? Let me know I’d love to hear them!

9 False Assumptions About Wealth

9 False Assumptions About Wealth

False Assumption #1: Having a Job is Good and Leads Ultimately to Wealth.
I asked a young telephone receptionist in Columbus, Ohio, to tell me her idea of the most important factor in wealth acquisition. She replied, “A good job, a great job, a fantastic job.” I was surprised by how often this same answer was given by those whose income is average and below. Millionaires rarely respond this way.
It is commonly held in our society that finding a good job, working hard, and moving up the ladder to more responsibility will eventually take us to golden retirement years of wealth and happiness. The fact of the matter is that a job merely supports the habits we have (like eating)…but it rarely leads to wealth. As one shrewd observer put it, “Wealth is when small efforts produce large results. Poverty is when large efforts produce small results.”
No matter how much you love your job, expecting it to make you wealthy is like looking for gold in a salt mine. If your large efforts are only producing small results you had better check the roadmap. You may be on the road to poverty.”
The answer is not to work harder, but to work smarter. A job should be looked upon as a temporary inconvenience. It is a method for generating cash flow for living expenses while you are setting up a “money-system”. Thus, having a job is necessary for a while, but don’t forget the other part of the equation. Your ultimate goal is to acquire ownership of a generous source of income which flows to you regardless of your job.
False Assumption #2: Saving Your Money Is a Good Investment.
How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.
But don’t get me wrong. Saving money is good. In fact, it is important to the wealth-building process. It’s not the money saved that is important. It is the discipline required to save it. But you can’t expect your savings to carry you to wealth. And this is the fact that is so widely misunderstood. Even the seemingly exciting high interest rates paid by the popular money market funds are not enough. Assuming only minimal inflation and taxes, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in finance to realize that any dollar that earns less than about 15% per year is a losing venture. At best it is the slow liquidation of wealth.
“But,” you say, “savings accounts and certificates of deposit are safe and the money comes easy.” And I reply, “Does it make you feel safe and secure to know that every day you are getting poorer and poorer?”
One of my grandfather’s favorite sayings was: “Early to bed/Early to rise/Work like hell/And economize!”
There is nothing wrong with economizing. There is a place for it in the scheme of wealth. However, if dragonmanialegendshackcheats your goal is to become wealthy you must learn how to save smart. The money you save is only parked temporarily in liquid, interest-bearing accounts waiting for a better place to invest. This smart money is then shifted into long-range, less-liquid investments which generate wealth-producing-rates of return -rates well in excess of 50% per year. Anything less is tantamount to treading water in the swimming pool on the deck of the Titanic.
False Assumption #3: Debt Is Bad – Avoiding It Like The Plague.
Have you ever heard this before? There is truth to the statement, but it depends on the kind of debt we are talking about. If we are talking about consumer debt, yes. Avoid it like a plague. Avoid borrowing money to buy the “appearances of wealth” which lose value and are often worthless before the debt is repaid.
But investment debt is another story. In fact, self-made wealth never comes without going into debt. I repeat: You can never become wealthy without going into some form of investment debt. And probably a lot of it.
It is true that debt is terrifying to most of us. It signifies bondage. And ironically, the only way we can develop a sizable nest egg and stay out of long-term financial bondage is to go into short-term debt. You can actually leverage/borrow your way to wealth.
There is no other way short of theft or inheritance. And that brings us to our next false assumption, which is the reason most of us fear debt in the first place.
False Assumption #4: Security Is Good.
Our entire society is obsessed with security. We demand social security, job security, seniority, and federal deposit insurance. But security is only an illusion. Le me illustrate. A few months ago a fireman friend of mine was called out to fight a large brush fire. He and his cohorts rushed to the closest fire hydrant, connected their water hoses, and ran to the flames. But when they turned the water on at the hydrant, nothing happened! The water lines had not been properly connected by the developer. All they could do was stand there and watch the blaze, helpless.
Those who place too much faith in security often end up trying to put out fires with empty water hoses. Would you feel financially secure if you had to rely on an almost insolvent social security system?
How dangerous it is to assume that security is good! The more you love security the more likely you will avoid risk. And if you avoid risk, you also avoid opportunity, because risk is the price you pay for opportunity. You can’t hate risk and hope for freedom.
Risk is an essential part of progress. Learn to view it positively, as an essential step in the road to wealth.
I was driving down a California freeway recently and heard a radio advertisement for a local bank. Their slogan was: “Come in out of the risk.”
If I could rewrite this commercial, I would say: “Come out into the risk. For that is where you find the opportunity. There is no such thing as security. There are only varying degrees of risk.”
False Assumption #5: Failure is Bad.
I used to be ashamed of my many failures and mistakes. And I have made plenty of them! But as I became more mature I realized that failure is part of success. A very important Check our website part. If you develop a positive mental attitude about failure, you can learn a great deal from it. You will develop ingenuity, flexibility, and an ability to create new ways of achieving goals. When you fail for a time to obtain something you really want, you join the ranks of some pretty important people. . .like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison. Do you know of any successful person who has risen to the top of his or her field without some failure?
Herb True once said, “What people don’t realize is that successful people often have more failures than failures do. But they keep going.” You don’t drown by falling in water. You drown by staying there.
Failure is not bad. In fact, one good failure can teach you more about success than four years at the best university. Failure can be the best thing that ever happened to you.
False Assumption #6: Wealth Is Measured In Material Possessions.
Wealth is not money. Money is just the appearance of kill shot bravo cheats online wealth. The form but not the substance. Wealth is thoughts, not things. You can be wealthy without having lots of money. And you can be rich and not be wealthy.
Now that may be a bit confusing, but it’s true. Wealth is a state of mind -an attitude. Hollis Norton says it well: “Broke is a temporary condition. Poor is a state of mind.”
Let’s test this hypothesis out. Henry Ford was once asked what he would do if he lost all of his possessions. He replied, “I’d have them all back again in five years.” In other words, he might be temporarily broke but he would never be poor. He had a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon. And above all, he had a positive attitude about his ability to create wealth and knew that if he had done it once, it would probably be easier the second time.
False Assumption #7: Someone Else is Responsible for My Financial Well-Being.
When our forefathers arrived on these shores, there was no welfare system. Each person was responsible for his or her own financial welfare. When the pioneers crossed the plains, there were no unemployment benefits. They had to scratch out their own existence. When thousands of immigrants landed here in the early 1900s, they came seeking only the opportunity to work and to be free. Somewhere between then and now, there has been an almost imperceptible-and, I think, destructive-shift in public thinking. People have ceased to assume personal responsibility for their financial well-being and assume that the government is responsible. Today, we expect government to bail out everything from defunct major corporations to insolvent municipalities.
But government is not the answer. The answer lies in us. We alone are responsible for our ultimate financial welfare. The sooner we realize this, the quicker we can start on the road to wealth.
False Assumption #8: The Acquiring of Wealth Is a Win/Lose Game.
Since the beginning of time the acquiring of wealth has been viewed as a win/lose game a dirty business in which the acquirer takes advantage of the acquiree (usually in an illegal or immoral way). Many people think that one has to be a greedy SOB to “Make It”.
But I believe you don’t have to be filthy to be filthy rich. I don’t have to steal from your pile in order to create a large pile for myself. There is such a thing as creating win/win wealth.
In reality, there is an infinite source of wealth. We just have to learn how to tap into it. When I tap into the infinite source of wealth I don’t reduce the possibility of your becoming wealthy. I probably enhance it. We’ll discuss this in great detail in later chapters.
False Assumption #9: It Takes Money to Make Money.
Several years ago, I ran a full page ad in The Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers which destroyed this dangerous myth. It carried the following headline:
“Send me to any city in the United States. Take away my wallet. Give me $100 for living expenses. In 72 hours I will buy an excellent piece of real estate using none of my own money.”
This is what happened. I was challenged by the Los Angeles Times to live up to my claim. They flew me to Los Angeles, where I met Martin Baron, the L.A. Times reporter, and together we flew from Los Angeles to San Francisco. When we arrived at the airport, I handed him my wallet and he handed me five crisp twenty dollar bills.
“With a reporter by my side, $100 for living expenses, & armed only with my knowledge; I purchased 7 properties worth $772,000, all in 57 hours.” Los Angeles Times, Business Section
A few days later, the front page of the Los Angeles Times business section carried the following headline: “Buying Home without Cash: Boastful Investor Accepts Time Challenge-and Wins.”
The long detailed article chronicled the entire nothing down story from 6 a.m. Monday until 5:15 P.M. Wednesday. I had done it!
Yes, the strategies and techniques I described in my best-selling book “Nothing Down” really work! But still the experts and skeptics refused to be convinced. I then appeared on a television show in Houston. After explaining my story, the host said with a sneer, “Yeah, you proved you could do it. But I doubt one of our average viewers could do it.”
That comment really ruffled my feathers. I found myself saying the following words, which stunned even me when I heard myself say them:
“Anybody can do it. Send me to any unemployment line. Let me select someone who is broke, out of work, & discouraged. Let me teach him in two days time the secrets of wealth. In ninety days he’ll be back on his feet, with $5,000 cash in the bank, never to set foot in an unemployment line again…”
The host still wasn’t convinced. (Skeptics never are.) But as I left the show I began to wonder. “What if I could go to any unemployment line…” The idea stewed for a year or so and resulted in my going to St. Louis in June 1984. There the ex-mayor of St. Louis, a former FBI agent, monitored my every move as I selected a young couple from the unemployment lines of St. Louis and taught them my secrets for two full days.
“In ninety days they had bought a property, fixed it up, and sold it again for $5,000 cash profit-all starting with nothing down. Within 12 months they had earned over $100K!”
Once again I had proved that my strategies work. I have been challenged again and again by various people in the news media over the past ten years to take ordinary people and make them wealthy, and always with the same result.
I was challenged by Regis Philbin in New York City to select a person from his studio audience. I picked a young woman, flew her to San Diego to attend my intensive investment program, “Wealth Training”. In less than ninety days after her return to the “Big Apple”, she found and purchased a nice duplex apartment building. Even more gratifying to me than her financial success was the look on her face as she explained to Regis Philbin how she had done it. She radiated a sense of self confidence that was worth far more than a million dollars. She knew she could make her dreams come true.

8 Reasons Walk In Tubs Are Better Than Regular Bathtubs

8 Reasons Walk in Tubs Are Better Than Regular Bathtubs

Are you still holding on to that worn out bathtub that seems to be getting harder and harder to clean as it does on the skin? Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the shortcomings of a traditional bathtub that we take for granted and how a walk-in tub answers those shortcomings.

High Step-In

Seniors that strain too much when lifting their legs for any reason find it especially difficult to lift them over a 14″ – 30″ traditional tub wall. The impersonal and generic designs of traditional bathtubs are incapable of maintaining a senior’s bathing independence without the help of costly extensions.

A walk-in tub’s step-in height ranges between 0″ and 9″ from the floor. A senior would never have to lift their leg over a high wall to practice their bathing independence ever again.

No Independence

Studies show that seniors prefer everything they use on a regular basis to be easy to reach – take that away from them and they will be too depressed to do anything at all. kill shot bravo cheats online A senior is happiest when they’re truly independent of helpers and caregivers.

Walk-in tubs take all the safety precautions into consideration when built and designed. With a low entrance threshold, conveniently positioned safety bars, anti-slip floor, and wheelchair support, we can ensure that senior will have all that they need to regain their bathing independence.

Limited Safety

As people get older, they become more and more prone to slip-and-fall accidents, especially in the bathtub – where most accidents occur. Traditional bathtubs have no answer to this problem because they have a generic design that assumes everyone has the same range of motion and reach.

Conversely, a walk-in tub is always purchased only if the enclosure fits the person’s description most closely to make them feel comfortable and confident about bathing again.

Require Mobility Add-Ons

Depending on how immobile a senior is, a bathtub could need anything from additional safety rails to bath lift chairs. They could even require a conversion that closely emulates the operability of a walk-in tub (i.e. cutting a rectangular portion of the bathtub wall to be replaced with a special door).

No Massage Systems ()

Apart from soaking, a traditional tub doesn’t offer the therapeutic enhancements incorporated by the walk-in tub. Even though soaking offers great therapeutic benefits for the mind and body, it can never be as effective as a whirlpool or air massager.

Not Comfortable

Even if a transfer bench or seat was added to the tub, it won’t be as comfortable as one would hope. A shadow fight 2 cheats tool walk-in tub’s smooth and soft textured surface is easy on the skin and keeps the back slightly reclined for an optimally relaxing bathing experience.

Take Up a Lot of Space

No matter the size of your bathroom, regular bathtubs take up a lot of space for such a low amount of utility. A walk-in tub with just enough legroom and comfortable space for a seated senior can pack many safety, therapeutic and luxury features.


A regular bathtub makes it super impractical to clean every once in a while due to its unnecessarily large size, which invariably causes more back aches than one needs in a single lifetime. Every nook or cranny of a walk-in tub’s enclosure is extremely easy to share this site reach and clean.

Visit Seniortubs.com and see how much you’d be saving on a walk-in tub with the amount of features that exceed those of regular bathtubs.

8th Grade Science Fair Projects

8th Grade Science Fair Projects

A student of the 8th grade is required to design and perform an experiment in the science fair project. Read on to know some biology experiments that can be performed in 8th grade science fair projects.

In a science fair project, each of the participating students gather to demonstrate and present their works. A project can also be handled by a group of students depending on the complexity level and/or time duration, required to submit the project. Science fair projects are nothing, but applications of scientific knowledge in order to answer common queries and/or solve problems. The basic concept of a science fair project is to enhance the knowledge of the students by allowing them to create and experiment with innovative ideas, related to science.

8th Grade Science Fair Projects

To start a project, you can think of interesting topics (may be related to your theory class) and note them down as statements (hypothesis). Then, you can plan the experiment, keeping in mind the requirements and procedure to be followed for that particular project. Once you are sure about the project planning, perform the experiment and draw out the possible observations. This way, based on the observations and results, you can prepare the project conclusion. By this time, you can decide whether your hypothesis statement was true or not. Following is a list of 8th grade biology experiments that can be performed in science fair projects.

Study of Human Bones: Are you aware that humans have more bones during the childhood stage as compared to the adult stage? Yes, it is true. A child has 300 bones; as he/she grows into an adult, the bone number reduces to 206. This is due to the fusion of some bones that takes place as a part of the development process. For this project, you can compare the human anatomy of the two stages and study the result.

Effects of Different Soaps on Plants: For this project, take three popular soap types and prepare a soap solution with water for each type. Make sure you take Check our website the same quantity of soap and water each time. Take four petri dishes and place a filter paper in each of them. Soak wheat grains overnight and grow a fixed number of wheat seedlings in each petri dish. Label the petri dishes with the soap name and use one for control condition; you can mark it as ‘water’, kill shot bravo cheats online as you will be using plain water in the control petri dish. Add 5-8 drops of water and/or soap solution twice daily, respective to the petri dish label. Note down the observations (root and shoot length) everyday after seed germination; within a week you will notice the difference in the growth of the seedlings for each soap type. Based on the data, prepare a graph and present the project.

Studying Soil Microorganisms: Collect four soil samples from different areas. Take four bottles and prepare soil solutions by mixing soil with water. Take the same amount of soil and water each time. Close the bottle lids and keep them in areas where adequate light is available. After about 10 days, you will notice the growth of algae (green coloration) in the bottles. You can study them with the help of compound microscopes. The more the number of organisms, the more healthy is that particular soil sample. This way, you can compare the shadow fight 2 cheats tool soil samples.

Effects of Salt Concentrations on Plant Cell: For this plant cell experiment, take a simple alga like spirogyra or chlorella. You can consult your class teacher and ask for any one of these. Prepare a hypertonic (higher concentration) salt solution and keep the alga in this solution for about 15-20 minutes. Then, observe the treated alga under a microscope. You will find the cell constricted, due to the process of osmosis. In this case, due to high salt concentration, water from the cell moves to the surrounding areas, resulting in a plasmolyzed cell. Compare with another algal structure immersed in plain water.

In a science fair project, one can make use of posters (pictures, graphs, charts) relevant to the particular science project. This may help in various ways; while explaining the project and/or answering any query, you can refer to these posters for better understanding. In case of a time-consuming experiment, you can skip some steps that can be explained by using the posters, so as to make the project short and interesting to present. Anyways, a very lengthy project sounds boring to the presenter as well as to the viewers.

8 Tips For Playing Paintball In The Winter

8 Tips For Playing Paintball In The Winter

To have fun playing paintball in the cold, you must be prepared Check our website with the dragon mania legends hacks right clothing and paintball gear for winter so you have protection from the elements and have a great time.

Wear the Right Clothes
Outlast your opponents with the right clothes, including a long-sleeved technical shirt (the kind that wicks sweat away from your body), a sweatshirt, and a waterproof outer layer made out of a lightweight material such as Gore-Tex. For pants, consider wearing a pair of jeans under waterproof, lightweight pants. Yes, this does sound like a lot, but the beauty of wearing layers is that you can peel them off or put them back on according to how warm or cold you feel.

Protect Your Feet
The best winter paintball footwear setup includes a warm pair of socks and a pair of tall waterproof boots. If you wear shorter boots, you risk water creeping in. And to be ready in case your feet do get wet, always bring one or two extra pairs of wool socks, which wick moisture away from your skin.

Be a Hot Head
Cover your ears with earmuffs and your head with a thermal share this website beanie. Additionally, use the hood on your coat to help your head stay extra dry. (Remember, much of one’s body heat escapes through the head.) If your goggles do not offer UV protection, or are not tinted, wear a pair of sunglasses under them to protect your eyes from the snow-glare.

Keep Your Trigger Finger Happy
Keep your hands warm with a pair of flexible, waterproof gloves. In especially frigid areas, you might consider purchasing heated gloves or glove liners to ward off frostbite.

When there is Snow on the Ground, Wear White
Unless you want to be an easy target for a paintball sniper, wear all white or white camouflage outerwear.

CO2 and HPA
The colder it gets, the less efficiently your CO2 will work. Keep your tanks warm in a pair of heated socks. However, make sure the tanks do not heat up too much. Some paintball veterans suggest you do not even try to use CO2 as a propellant because it can freeze your marker. They suggest you instead upgrade your equipment and use winter-grade HPA tanks.

The Right Paintballs
Traditional paintballs have a gelatin shell that often become brittle in cold temperatures. Instead, choose paintballs made for winter weather, which have a thicker shell and/or anti-freeze paint. Additionally, it’s wise to keep your paint loaders inside your jacket, so as to keep the paintballs warm.

Baby Your Paintball Accessories
Cold weather can have a major impact on your marker. If you have a metal paintball gun, make sure it is well lubed per the manufacturer’s recommendations before you play, or it may freeze up. If your paintball gear is made of plastic, keep it warm as best as you can, to protect it from the cold.

When playing paintball in the winter, keeping warm and dry is the key to avoiding hypothermia, frostbite and malfunctioning paintball accessories. The best winter paintball experiences happen when you’re prepared.

8 Ways To Finance Your Vending Machine Business

8 Ways To Finance Your Vending Machine Business

When starting a business, there&25263; that one big wall that block your way, and that&25263; your startup money. Without money to fund your business, there will be no business at all. So how and where can visit more information you get money? Read on to get some ideas on where you can find funding sources for your vending business:

Home Equity Loan
Most people immediately think of getting a standard business loan when thinking of financing a home business or business startup. While this may be appropriate, do not fail to consider using your home as a bank.

Small Business Administration Loan
Banks administer this loan and are more favorable to this type than a standard bank loan because they are only liable for 15% of what they loan (the government carries the other 85%). There are a number of types of documentation required with this loan, but it is certainly worth the trouble if you are willing to follow the process.

Standard Bank Financing
This financial source is probably the most difficult, yet not impossible with good credit and some net worth. Banks typically do not look favorably at vending machine loans and consider them risky because they are not considered a &25595;ixed asset?

Invest Your Tax Return Money
For a lot of people, April 15th is bonus time every year as they receive tax returns with earned income credit and deductions for kids. You can use this to slowly build your vending business. It&25263; a great, safer way to build your business.

Family Loan
In some cases, a family member may be favorable to loaning you the money for starting your home-based business. While there may be relationship risks to this setup, it needs to be considered as an alternative to standard business financing. Some family members would rather invest in your business vision and draw a little interest rather than lending it to a bank at 2-3%.

Sell Items You Don&25264; Need
If you badly need to create an income steam, opt for this least popular fund source. How about downsizing your car and investing the money in machines? Why not have a huge yard sale to raise $500-$1000? Why don&25264; you downsize your home and invest your profits in the business? All of us have some money around us in our life that we could put to work.

Lease Purchasing
An option to getting into the vending business is to make an offer to more details buy an established vending route by lease-purchasing. You agree to lease the route from the seller with an option to buy at the end of the lease period. You invest your profits from the lease period into the purchase of the business or you can continue leasing for the cash flow you are receiving. Remember to get legal help in setting up any contractual agreement like this.

Owner Financing
Not that always easy share this site to find but don&25264; let it stop your from asking the seller of a vending route for it, especially if you have some money to put down.

8th Day Of Lent 12 Qualities Required For The Christed Consciousness

8th Day of Lent – 12 Qualities Required for the Christed Consciousness

The number 12 is Check our website one of dragon mania legends hacks the most sacred symbols in the Bible because it represents the achievement of wholeness that results in an expansion of consciousness into the higher realms of spirit. As we saw when Jesus’ disciples elected Matthias to take Judas’ place, it is essential to focus on 12 qualities symbolized by the 12 tribes, the 12 zodiac signs, and the 12 disciples.
In the words of Charles Fillmore, in LET’S KEEP A TRUE LENT, these 12 qualities are: faith, strength, wisdom, love, power, imagination, understanding, will, law of order, zeal, renunciation, and life.
The Lenten Season is a powerful time in which to evaluate ourselves in relationship to each of these 12 qualities. Today, we will focus on the 1ST QUALITY OF FAITH.
Quoting Fillmore: “FAITH is the perceiving power of the mind linked with a power to shape substance. It is spiritual assurance, the power to do the seemingly impossible. It is a force that draws to us our heart’s desire right out of the invisible spiritual substance.”
Faith is the means by which we follow Jesus’ instruction in Check our website Mark 11:24 — “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you HAVE RECEIVED IT, and it will be yours.”
Quoting Fillmore: “Faith working in spiritual substance accomplishes all things. This is the faith that co-operates with creative law. Exercised in spiritual consciousness, it finds its abode, and without variation or disappointment it brings results that are seemingly miraculous. Faith in the reality of things spiritual develops the faith center in man’s brain. When the mental eye is illumined with faith, it sheds a radiance that hovers like a halo around the head and extends in lessening degree throughout the whole body. [In the words of Jesus], ‘When thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light.’” (Matthew 6:22)
On this 8th day of Lent affirm: “I have faith in the glorious infusion of the more abundant life of Christ vitalizing me. I am lifted up and healed.” —Fillmore, LET’S KEEP A TRUE LENT
Meditate on this affirmation until it becomes a part of your thought patterns. Whenever negative thoughts try to take over your mind, replace them by repeating this affirmation. The spoken word is much more powerful than repeating the affirmation silently.
ALWAYS END YOUR AFFIRMATION WITH “THANK YOU, GOD!” Visualize your life opening to the influx of God’s glorious gifts to you!

9 Proper Conference Call Etiquette For A Better Conference Calling Experience

9 Proper Conference Call Etiquette For A Better Conference Calling Experience

When you have a conference call rather it is from business to business, or business to an employee at home dragon mania legends hacks or abroad conducting business, it is important that the conference calling experience is productive and smooth sailing. No matter what role you play in the conference call, it is necessary that you maintain the proper etiquette for conference calls.

Before we get into the conference call etiquette, let us look at some of the things that could go wrong as a result of a bad conference call. You might not believe it, but there are many.

Here are some repercussions of a conference call gone bad:

Morale – If the proper etiquette is not followed, it might create some bad feelings between workers. You might find that it is harder to work with these employees as a result. Many people expect that their conference call will run with complete smoothness, no interruptions, and productivity, otherwise it is a complete waste of their time and yours.

Missed Deadlines – If there are constant interruptions or the conference call runs in a disorganized manner, things might be misunderstood. This could mean that an important deadline is missed because things were not correctly understood.

Misunderstandings – While this goes along with the missed deadlines, so many negative outcomes could arise from a misunderstanding. If for any reason, those on your conference call do not completely understand what you are telling them, it could result in not only missed deadlines, but a loss of customers, loss of revenue, loss of employees, or loss of business all the way around.

Getting it right the first time

Now that you know a few of the many problems that could arise from a conference call gone bad, it is time to take a look at the proper conference call etiquette. Every person on the conference call should practice these things. However, you cannot control the things that other people do or do not do; therefore, the only thing you can do is focus on yourself and your own etiquette and hope that everyone follows suit.

1. Quiet is the key – Make sure, when you are on the conference call that you are in a very quiet room, away Check our website from any disturbances. This will make sure that you hear everything that is going on and keep the misunderstandings to a minimum. It is impossible to keep the misunderstandings at bay if you have a dog barking, machines running, kill shot bravo cheats online or people talking in the background.

2. The Telephone Equipment – Make sure that you are using a phone that will minimize the noise in the background. Some telephone and most all cell phones will pick up even the slightest noise or interference, which will not only cause troubles for you hearing the speakers, but others as well.

3. Using Telephone Technology – The mute button does wonders, but make sure you know how to use it. The mute button should be used if there is a lot of background noise that you simply cannot control or if someone is particularly talkative. Of course, make sure you know how to un-mute for when it is your turn to speak or answer a question.

4. Time – Make sure you set the conference call up in advance and let everyone know all information such as pass code or phone number. It is also necessary that you take time zones in to consideration if you have people across several time zones to include on the conference call.

5. Being on Time – If you are the conference call leader, you want to start right on time. Do not wait for others if they are late. People on the call want to start right away, because there may be other business they need to attend to. If you are simply in the call, be on time, you do not want to miss anything that might be important.

6. Introductions – Make sure that every person on the call introduces himself or herself. This will allow for building relationships and getting people to open up and feel comfortable.

7. Clarification – Not everyone will be able to tell who is who by the voice. Make sure before anyone speaks that his or her name is said first. For example, “this is Bob, could you repeat that company name again”.

8. Eating – Never eat while you are on a conference call, who wants to hear chewing in their ear? If you must get a drink of water, put the call on mute so no one will have to hear the emitted sounds. This includes chewing gum.

9. Keep on Topic – Do not fill the call with unnecessary talk. Keep to the point, because remember there may be several people on the call that have other pressing things to do.

With the above proper conference call etiquette rules, you will find that the conference calls runs in a much more smooth and efficient manner. Keeping the proper etiquette in mind while on the conference call will make the entire call that much more productive for everyone.