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Shell-Conning will meet you at CHINAPLAS 2019

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The Dubai beauty show in April crashed into the Changsha medicine machine show ;

In May , Shanghai beauty fair met Guangzhou rubber and plastic exhibition 。

It is a busy spring and summer at Shell-Conning 。

The overlap of the two exhibitions ,


Let’s first look at the first time participants :


「CHINAPLAS 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition 」

CHINAPLAS  China’s rubber and plastics industry has been growing for more than 30 years  , It has developed into the largest rubber and plastic industry exhibition in Asia ,and it has produced the positive impetus function to the Chinese rubber and plastics industry development。Now,「CHINAPLAS international rubber and plastic exhibition」It is not only the largest plastic and rubber industry exhibition in Asia ,Industry insiders are more recognized that its influence is only second to the world’s largest rubber and plastic exhibition「K exhibition」in Germany , It is the second largest exhibition of rubber and plastic industry in the world

The annual CHINAPLAS 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition is about to kick off in Guangzhou 。

Guangzhou Shell-Conning will bring new products to 「2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition 8.1A C69」,to show you more efficient and intelligent products 。

Look here ,you might be wondering ? What is the connection Shell-Conning labeling machine with rubber and plastic

That please listen to me slowly tell you : In 2012 ,Shell-Conning developed a six-head online synchronous labeling system for plastic box labeling after a series of rubber and plastic industry enterprises to provide more diversified labeling solutions from 2015-2017, the company applied for 5 invention patents

(Patents are not listed one by one一一 illustration

In 2018, Our company joined China synthetic resin supply and marketing association , From September 2 to 14 of the same year , I accompanied the first international thermoforming industry visiting group to visit the European thermoforming industry

Shell-Conning is always committed to innovation and pioneering , For rubber and plastic industry packaging management to bring more intelligent solutions

This year ,Shell-Conning will participate in CHINAPLAS 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition ,Which will be another milestone for Shell-Conning in the rubber and plastics industry ,We sincerely invite you to Shell-Conning’s booth 8.1A Hall C69,to learn more about intelligent back-end packaging solutions 。

2019 International(Guangzhou)rubber and plastic exhibition

Exhibition time :May 21-24,2019
Exhibition hall :China import and export fair in Pazhou,Guangzhou
Exhibition location :8.1A  hall C69

Traffic information :

Drive :from the south China high-speed trunk line or Guangzhou Huancheng high-speed drive to the exhibition hall direction


Subway: subway  line 8 via xingang east station (exit A) / Pazhou station (exit A)

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