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Points for attention when purchasing high quality and low price labeling machine

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Choosing a high-quality labeling machine can not only increase work efficiency, but also save the dispute between the supplier and the supplier. This is the so-called "use of peace of mind, with peace of mind." So how can we achieve this? Let's learn "two tricks" below.

    The first trick: confessing oneself

    First of all, according to the strength of the company's product output machine company, if the output is large, the shape of the product and the location of the labeling are popular, then you can consider purchasing a fully automatic labeling machine. If your product has a special shape, the labeling position requires a certain precision. In this case, it is necessary to contact the relevant engineers for evaluation. The reason is that it is difficult to achieve accurate labeling of non-standard products in the automatic labeling machine technology in domestic and international markets. Therefore, it can be turned to some semi-automatic labeling machine equipment, although the speed is not as fast as that of the automatic labeling machine, but the speed of the high-precision semi-automatic plane labeling machine in Shanghai Anzhen Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Up to 1500 pieces with an accuracy of ±0.2mm. In order to ensure the output, you can purchase more than one to compensate for the lack of speed.
    The second measure: look, smell, ask, cut

    "Wang": Set a time with the supplier to confirm the sample with the sample. What you need to pay attention to in this process is "

    First, the automatic labeling machine pays attention to the use of the motor and conveyor belt.
    Second, monitor the electric eye to monitor the labeled object normally.

    Third, whether the label can be properly attached to the object, there will be leakage, labeling, and labeling during the bidding process (must be tested multiple times).

    “Smell”: During the working process of the labeling machine, there will be no noise in the motor and the machine will stop when the conveyor belt is working.

    "Q": Regarding any place where the labeling machine does not understand or want to understand, it is open to ask. Do not let go of the details, such as: how to operate the machine; how to set it properly; how to maintain it daily; what should be paid attention to during use; which parts are easy to break;

    "Cut": When everything is well understood, the price war begins. There is no experience in the small series here, but "goods and goods" must be mentioned. Try to get the most benefit space for yourself, especially after-sales.

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