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Leading the Asia-Asia Pacific Beauty Opening Ceremony!

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Leading Asia,
More than 1.5 million people visited our activities in Asia last year.

The Asia Pacific Beauty Show will be back in November and continue the concept of “One Exhibition and Two Places”. Last year's exhibition set a number of records. The four-day exhibition attracted 76,818 people from 129 countries and regions to visit the exhibition, an increase of 21% over the previous year. There were 2,698 exhibitors, including 24 national and group exhibition halls. The exhibition area covers a total of 98,000 square meters. The development of the Asia Pacific Beauty Show has steadily increased every year, and it has successfully positioned itself as the most influential beauty event in the Asia Pacific region.
Secony invited you to travel to Hong Kong.
2017 Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Beauty Show
Exhibition time: November 14-16, 2107
Booth: Asian International Fair 10-P26
Location: Hong Kong International Airport
Exhibitor models:
SLA-911 lipstick bottom labeling machine
SLA-216 top and bottom labeling machine
    SLA-213 paging plane labeling machine

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