8 Tips For Playing Paintball In The Winter

8 Tips For Playing Paintball In buy Cialis Super Active, cheap Zoloft. The Winter

To have fun playing paintball in the cold, you must be prepared Check our website with the dragon mania legends hacks right clothing and paintball gear for winter so you have protection from the elements and have a great time.

Wear the Right Clothes
Outlast your opponents with the right clothes, including a long-sleeved technical shirt (the kind that wicks sweat away from your body), a sweatshirt, and a waterproof outer layer made out of a lightweight material such as Gore-Tex. For pants, consider wearing a pair of jeans under waterproof, lightweight pants. Yes, this does sound like a lot, but the beauty of wearing layers is that you can peel them off or put them back on according to how warm or cold you feel.

Protect Your Feet
The best winter paintball footwear setup includes a warm pair of socks and a pair of tall waterproof boots. If you wear shorter boots, you risk water creeping in. And to be ready in case your feet do get wet, always bring one or two extra pairs of wool socks, which wick moisture away from your skin.

Be a Hot Head
Cover your ears with earmuffs and your head with a thermal share this website beanie. Additionally, use the hood on your coat to help your head stay extra dry. (Remember, much of one’s body heat escapes through the head.) If your goggles do not offer UV protection, or are not tinted, wear a pair of sunglasses under them to protect your eyes from the snow-glare.

Keep Your Trigger Finger Happy
Keep your hands warm with a pair of flexible, waterproof gloves. In especially frigid areas, you might consider purchasing heated gloves or glove liners to ward off frostbite.

When there is Snow on the Ground, Wear White
Unless you want to be an easy target for a paintball sniper, wear all white or white camouflage outerwear.

CO2 and HPA
The colder it gets, the less efficiently your CO2 will work. Keep your tanks warm in a pair of heated socks. However, make sure the tanks do not heat up too much. Some paintball veterans suggest you do not even try to use CO2 as a propellant because it can freeze your marker. They suggest you instead upgrade your equipment and use winter-grade HPA tanks.

The Right Paintballs
Traditional paintballs have a gelatin shell that often become brittle in cold temperatures. Instead, choose paintballs made for winter weather, which have a thicker shell and/or anti-freeze paint. Additionally, it’s wise to keep your paint loaders inside your jacket, so as to keep the paintballs warm.

Baby Your Paintball Accessories
Cold weather can have a major impact on your marker. If you have a metal paintball gun, make sure it is well lubed per the manufacturer’s recommendations before you play, or it may freeze up. If your paintball gear is made of plastic, keep it warm as best as you can, to protect it from the cold.

When playing paintball in the winter, keeping warm and dry is the key to avoiding hypothermia, frostbite and malfunctioning paintball accessories. The best winter paintball experiences happen when you’re prepared.