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Company Profile

Shell-Conning Group Limited Company was invested and established in HK . Guangzhou Shell-Conning Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell-Conning Group .  The company is located in the east of Science city , Guangzhou .The workshop covers an area of 5200 square meters , with ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification . Shell-Conning Group is a professional manufacturer as new high-tech enterprise for middle class and high end automatic labelers as well as upstream and downstream equipment, involving production, R&D, marketing and services. We provide all-around labeling solutions and customized services for the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, daily chemical, chemical, electronic, information and tobacco industries.

As the current adhesive labeling machine’s general technical requirements drafting unit 、 China pharmaceutical equipment industry association unit  China packaging federation member unit、China synthetic resin supply and marketing association thermoforming association unit, China beauty expo excellent supplier unit and makeup association member unit  and so on . Shell-Conning has a number of invention patents, and we use of big data system is committed to pre-sales, manufacturing and after-sales process management, through the PC terminal and mobile terminal for equipment management, equipment remote operation and equipment data mining, service in more than a thousand well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

Shell-Conning with more than 10 years of experience in the r&d and manufacturing of labeling machines. We focus on the verification of equipment functions and reliability, track users' usage and real-time feedback, constantly improve the design and optimize the products, thus creating a high-quality product . Independent innovation, instead of import, obtained several design and invention patents, cast prefilling needle screw rod labeling and other fine products, to provide customers with the best quality of products and service quality, constantly meet the industry expectations and demand is the eternal pursuit of Shell-Conning group.

A thousand miles are but a little step  ; No small stream, no river and sea . Aim for highest  , sustainable management. Forging "Shell-Conning" century-old brand . Hand in hand with you, common development. We will become your production power and long-term, trustworthy partner.


  • Brand vision
    Brand vision
    Become the best-selling brand in China's “labeling machine” equipment industry
  • Our Mission
    Our Mission
    Create new standards of high efficiency and precision!
  • core value
    core value
    Innovation and competition, quality and win-win, unity and efficiency!
  • Business philosophy
    Business philosophy
    Be honest, pragmatic and efficient!
  • Quality concept
    Quality concept
    High standards, fine, zero defects!
  • Marketing concept
    Marketing concept
    Differentiation, benchmarking, strong brand!
  • Service philosophy
    Service philosophy
    Customer-oriented, warm and sincere!
  • Talent Concept
    Talent Concept
    Houde Heavy Technology Internal priority!
  • Learning concept
    Learning concept
    Learning is endless, learning to use!
  • Competitive concept
    Competitive concept
    Continuous innovation!


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