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Seconi was established in just two years. From several employees to the growth rate of today's staff, two years of development and independent innovation, Secconi's products, research, quality and service have made significant progress, and peers are also aware of it. As of now, what is the development status of Secco?

Founded in 2010, Shellconning is a manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging equipment, filling equipment and application marking equipment. It has been committed to the production, research and development and innovation of equipment technology for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, petrochemical and beverage. Professional equipment suppliers in the industry, electronics, information and other industry solutions, bring the experience of different industries to new areas, and develop some derivative business and overseas cooperation opportunities with the business philosophy of “leading the industry with new thinking and establishing new industry standards”. . With the increasing number of customer outlets, it is gradually moving towards the development and production of large-scale integrated mechanical equipment, and to solve the integrated customized machinery and comprehensive training and guidance services for customers. The application of automatic labeling is implemented in a variety of different industries to let more people know about Secco.

: The main reason for the continued growth in sales performance?

Perfect after-sales service is the guarantee for the continuous growth of sales performance. We have a complete pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system. We receive customer demand information, we will judge the problem according to the information provided by the customer, simulate the customer production scenario and the customer manager to test, debug and discuss. The on-site survey and implementation condition feedback will be deployed within 24 hours to ensure smooth implementation.

: I learned that since the establishment of Secuni, the company has quickly reached a strategic cooperation agreement with well-known brands such as "Mei, Robust, ABB, COFCO Jindi, Zhongshun Jierou, Pangosha, Bikos". What kind of cooperation does Nepal have with famous brands?” The machinery industry has a long history, and what are the key reasons for the cooperation between well-known brands and the developing company Secco?

The big brand ultimately chose Secco as a supplier of mechanical equipment. In my opinion, there are several main reasons. Although the developing Secene is not well known in the whole mechanical field, the most important thing is that we provide a full set. The solution, for the customer series of products, we provide the most reasonable, economical, feasible, professional products and labeling solutions; in addition to the customer's questions, we provide a serious, objective analysis and technical principles. For example: the improvement of the US production line, the design of the COFCO Jindi non-standard production line.

: Exploring the road to rapid growth of machinery brands

In the entire industrial chain of machinery and equipment, although a number of well-known brands have been born, in general, the value-added development of most brands is not enough, and the release of brand energy has yet to be accumulated. Most domestic machinery companies, as the brand new army, lack sufficient historical accumulation and capital accumulation, but they must compete with international brands in the fierce mechanical market. How can they rise rapidly in the fierce market competition and gain a firm foothold?

What is the fastest way for enterprises to grow? The first is product win, the second is brand-led, and the third is service application. At the earliest time, my opinion, a company must have reliable quality to win word of mouth and then do branding, branding is also a way of marketing, marketing must also keep up with the service, in order to support the brand. What is the deepest feeling of me? What is the product and brand? First of all, the product is too hard. The product has the characteristics and wants to be the brand. If it is complementary, it is indispensable. If you value the money, the above three will not break. Form a short plate theorem. The company regards these three aspects as the basis of its foothold, so it can only win the victory and become a new brand.

There is no shortcut to the rapid growth of the brand, the most important thing is to find a way to develop.

The 5th China (Shenzhen) International Adhesive Tape and Protective Film Exhibition

In the development of market economy, how does enterprise competition seize market opportunities and lead the development of the industry?

In the field of machinery manufacturing, the reason for the rapid development of the company is to pursue the talent concept of “the internal priority of the virtues and the heavy skills”. When we use technology and ability to measure talents and select talents, we also regulate them with morality and establish a team with both ability and political integrity. Secco pays great attention to the construction and development of the talent team. Since the team formed in 2010, we have become bigger and bigger, and we have accumulated a group of talents with rich professional knowledge and experience, and the second stage of product development and development has reached a stage of promotion and promotion of brand. The simultaneous improvement of talents, products and brands is the best guarantee for us to enter the market. Secco is inseparable from the talent advantage. The achievements of Secco are inseparable from the common struggle of all Secene people.

: Development prospects of identification equipment

At present, the types of production marking equipment in China are gradually increasing, and the technical level has also been greatly improved. From the backward pattern of manual and semi-automatic labeling, the automatic high-speed labeling machine has occupied the market. At present, the commonly used labeling machines on the market are two kinds of semi-automatic labeling machines, and the other is an intelligent automatic labeling machine. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, each type of goods in circulation needs to indicate relevant information such as the date of manufacture of the production date. Packaging is the carrier of information, and the labeling of goods is the way to achieve.

The marking device in the packaging machine is a machine with a label on the package or product. It not only has an aesthetic effect, but more importantly, it can realize the tracking and management of product sales, especially in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Anomalies can initiate a product recall mechanism in an accurate and timely manner. High-speed labeling machine labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging.

: Let's share with you, Secene culture!

Brand vision - to become the "labeling machine" equipment industry leading brand

The vision of “Building the best-selling brand in the market” is rooted in Secene's focus on the labeling machine industry in recent years. It is also based on the status quo and hopes for a good market development prospect and an exciting and bright future.

Corporate mission - creating new standards of high efficiency and precision

“Building a first-line brand” is the mission and commitment of Secco, which not only makes the employees of the company full of mission and sense of accomplishment, but also encourages Sekonyi's various relationships, including customers, suppliers, society and the environment. And benefit. This will continue to spur Sacconi's excellence in product technology, strengthen the guidance of product development and design, make the Secco brand become synonymous with quality, innovation, and wisdom, and then become a first-line brand, and build a respected society. First-line brand enterprise.

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