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The 19th China (Shenzhen) International Pharmaceutical (Industrial) Exhibition

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This exhibition is a very professional exhibition, which is the most intuitive and professional trading platform for businesses to develop markets, promote brands and display corporate image. Due to the influence of the external economic environment, the manufacturers are also full of expectations for this exhibition. In the three-day exhibition, the double-sided labeling system and high-speed page-level labeling system exhibited by our company attracted the attention of many customers at the exhibition. I have come to our booth to learn about the relevant information. Under the professional and serious explanations of our participants, the customers gave high praise to our company's patent number machinery, and asked for the company's brochures and business contacts, and planned to visit our company for personal consultation and consultation.

As we all know, intelligent and fast, fast and efficient production is an irreversible development trend. Our company has done detailed market research before developing new products, aiming at market demand, following and leading the new technology and new trend of the labeling machine industry. Some products are continuously developed and designed, and after years of market practice verification, the performance indicators of our products are well-known. We warmly welcome customers to come to the factory for field visits!

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