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Workplace Huiying

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Do you remember the fairy dream when you were young and ignorant? I want to be different from each other and dream about my future.Every day, the company is full of vitality, and when it’s weekend, it’s a flower arrangement, cooking, and there is a husband who hurts me.Obediently, the baby is a kitten and a puppy. Do not follow the tide, live like what others want in their eyes

However, real life is always different from good wishes, and every day is overwhelmed by work, weekends.I was slept for ten minutes, the power of the whole day, and the endless housework consumption...

Slowly, in life we have been labeled with a certain wife, who is the mother; what is remembered at work is your function,It is your ability to be praised and praised. Your strength is strong. It seems that everyone even forgets what they once looked like.

This spring came very early, the arrival of the Goddess Festival, the office added a lot of vibrant green plants, the girl who was deeply buried in the heart is also ready to move.

Let us walk in today and stand up to the women of the world of Secony. (names not listed in order)

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