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Labeling machine classification

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The material of the label has many shapes; according to the type of the object to be labeled; the difference in labeling requirements, the labeling speed can be divided into the following types of labeling machines, for example, some only need to stick a body label; The requirements are double-labeled (flat, square, oval, round); some require three labels (body, shoulder, neck); some only require sealing labels (carton, bottle, etc.) ); some require high productivity requirements, etc.
Labeling machine can be divided into categories according to the type of label
1. Slice label labeling machine, (flat stickers, top and bottom stickers, etc.)
2. Roll label labeling machine, (double side, vertical round stickers, etc.)
3. Hot adhesive label labeling machine (opp rotary labeling machine)
4. Pressure-sensitive labeling machine (ie, hit-and-stick machine)
5. Shrinking cylindrical label labeling machine; (sleeve labeling machine)
6. In-mold labeling machine (for blowing machine)
According to the degree of automation can be divided into
1. Semi-automatic labeling machine, (manual feeding, labeling process artificial control)
2. Fully automatic labeling machine (automatic double-divided general and special type, when used in stand-alone mode
Automatic labeling)

According to the running direction of the container can be divided into
1. Vertical labeling machine (vertical cylinder positioning, vertical rotary positioning, vertical coil bottle, double side, etc.)
2. Horizontal labeling machine; (horizontal round bottle stickers, stand-in and stand-out horizontal round bottle stickers, etc.)
According to the labeling process characteristics can be divided into
1. Pressure-type labeling machine (pneumatic type)
2. Rolling labeling machine (three-point positioning type, support wheel type)
3. Rolling labeling machine (will paste label)
4. Brush-type labeling machine (labeling in motion)
According to the shape of the bottle can be divided into (this type can be satisfied on one machine at the same time)
1. Square bottle labeling machine
2. Round bottle labeling machine
3. Flat bottle labeling
4. Small shaped bottle labeling machine, etc.
According to the position of the label, it can be divided into
1. Single-sided labeling machine,
2. Double-sided labeling machine,
3. Three-sided labeling machine
4. Multi-face labeling machine, etc.
In addition, the material of the packaging container (tin can, glass bottle, paper box), labeling mechanism and type of adhesive can be classified.

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