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S610 Horizontal round bottle labeling machine oral liquid
S610 Horizontal round bottle labeling machine oral liquid

  The main purpose

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Bedroom roller conveyor belt feeding effectively solves the problem that small bottles are not convenient for vertical feeding. Bedroom labeling uses the bottle as the calibration base to ensure labeling accuracy
Configurable new bottle holder for high-speed and accurate loading of bottled bottles into bottle holders
The bottle holder has multiple detection and positioning, and the automatic access rate is greatly improved.
It can be manually dispensed by the bottle conveyor belt, or it can be fed by the linkage brake machine.
The loading buffer is synchronized with the labeling action: when the tray is less, the labeling speed will decrease; when the bottle is missing, the bottle holder will automatically stop waiting.
Optional hot stamping machine, thermal transfer printer or inkjet printer to complete coding and labeling simultaneously
The running status and alarm information of the supporting equipment will also be reflected in the system.

  Technical Parameters

Material size: Ф10-22mm Ф18-30mm
Labeling speed: 350ppm
Stoppage accuracy: ±0.3mm
Labeling machine accuracy: ±0.5mm
Operating ambient temperature: 5-45 ° C
Ambient humidity: 15-90% (no condensation)
Dimensions: (L) 2100mm × (W) 720mm × (H) 1600mm

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