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S823 Double side star wheel round bottle labeling machine
S823 Double side star wheel round bottle labeling machine

  The main purpose

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1, the group full labeling machine, a wide range of applications; only need to be simple adjustments can be converted between the side stickers, around the circle.
2, one machine can complete three types (square bottles, flat bottles, round bottles), a variety of side labeling, circumferential positioning labeling.
3. The servo motor controls the turntable centering roller mechanism to effectively ensure the accuracy of the circumferential positioning labeling.
4. Designed for flat, square, and other irregular surface and curved body to ensure labeling accuracy and effect.
5. The double-sided chain belt correction device ensures the neutrality of the flat bottle and the square bottle.
6, special elastic top device to ensure the stability of the bottle.
7. Optional transparent label-specific detection of electric eyes improves detection accuracy.
8. Labeling parameter storage function (50 sets of labeling parameters can be pre-stored, no need to reset when changing bottles).
9. Label intelligent management function, warning prompt function, optional image detection system, etc.

  Technical Parameters

Material size: (square / flat bottle) thickness 30-90mm, height ≤ 300mm, round bottle diameter: φ50-60mm
Labeling speed: 50-150 bottles/min for side labeling and 40-140 bottles/min for circumferential positioning (related to material and label size)
Stoppage accuracy: ±0.3mm
Labeling machine accuracy ± 0.5mm
Operating ambient temperature: 5-45 ° C
Ambient humidity: 15-90% (no condensation)
Conveyor belt width: 91mm
Dimensions: L3000mm × W1620 × H1590mm

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