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S831 Double top labeling machine
S831 Double top labeling machine

  The main purpose

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1. User-friendly touch screen: simple and direct operation, full-featured, and rich online help function.
2. Double-sided chain belt correction device ensures the neutrality of flat bottles and square bottles.
3. Special elastic item device to ensure the stability of the bottle body.
4. Optional transparent label-specific detection of electric eyes to improve detection accuracy.
5. Labeling parameter storage function (50 sets of labeling parameters can be pre-stored, no need to reset when changing bottles).
6. Optional roll stickers, positioning and other devices to achieve more bottle shape (including roll round bottle) labeling requirements.
7. Provide a variety of detection functions, such as label labeling detection, missing code detection and print content detection; unqualified bottles will be rejected.
8. Optional hot stamping machine, thermal transfer printer or inkjet printer to complete the marking machine.

  Technical Parameters

Material size: (square / flat bottle) thickness 20-125mm, height ≤ 300mm,
Labeling speed: 150 pieces / minute (related to material and label size)
Stoppage accuracy: ±0.3mm
Labeling machine accuracy ± 0.5mm
Operating ambient temperature: 5-45 ° C
Ambient humidity: 15-90% (no condensation)
Conveyor belt width: 91mm
Dimensions: L3000mm × W1420 × H1500mm

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