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S860 High-precision side corner labeling machine
S860 High-precision side corner labeling machine

  The main purpose

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Can complete four kinds of sealing labeling forms (upper surface sealing labeling, lower surface sealing labeling, two diagonal sealing labeling)
The pressing device ensures that the box body is stable when labeling, which greatly improves the labeling accuracy, and is especially suitable for light and small boxes.
Reserved input/output signals and interfaces, the upper computer control signal can be accepted under the online state, and the production line linkage is convenient to use and the overall management of the production line is convenient.
Optional non-conforming product automatic rejection function
Optional transparent protective cover with safety lock switch to ensure operator safety
Printing equipment: flexible configuration of hot stamping printer or inkjet printer, etc., synchronous coding and labeling

  Technical Parameters

Box size: height 20-100mm, width 90-220mm
Labeling speed: 80-120 boxes / minute (related to the box and label size)
Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm (excluding package and label errors)
Working pressure: 0.45-0.6Mpa (for rejecting device)
Conveyor belt width: standard 90mm (can be produced by non-standard)
Power and power: 220VAC±5% 50Hz 1.0Kw
Machine size: (L) 2000 × (W) 900 × (H) 1300mm

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