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In order to create a brand, enhance corporate reputation and establish a corporate image, our company solemnly promises you:

First, product quality commitment:
1. The manufacture and testing of products have quality inspection records and inspection data.
2. For the detection of product performance, we sincerely invite users to conduct a full-process, full-feature inspection of the product, and then ship the package after the product has been confirmed.
3. Ensure that parts are interchangeable.

Second, product price commitment:
1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advancement of the products, the equipment selection materials are selected from domestic or international high-quality brand-name products.
2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide you with the most favorable price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of the products and changing the parts of the products, that is, providing cost-effective equipment.

Third, the delivery commitment:
1. Product delivery time: As far as possible according to user requirements, if there are special requirements and need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and installation, and strive to meet user needs.
2. When the product is delivered, our company provides the following documents to the user;
1 Equipment User Manual
2 General structure of the installation structure
3 Purchased parts and manufacturers
4 Provide a list of consumables, spare parts, and a certain amount of spare parts

Fourth, after-sales service commitment:
1. Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
2. Service goal: Service quality wins customer satisfaction, and strives for time for customers
3. Service efficiency:
After-sales service personnel are senior professional and technical personnel of Shellconning Company. After the company's formal training, they will work separately after passing the examination.
The after-sales service department is equipped with a service shuttle to maximize the speed of after-sales personnel.
After the after-sales department receives the equipment failure notice, if the equipment is not working properly, the reply will be made within half an hour within the Pearl River Delta. Within three hours, the dispatched personnel will rush to the scene to solve the problem; the reply will be made within half an hour outside the Pearl River Delta. In the case of 24 hours, dispatched after-sales personnel arrived at the scene to solve the problem. (If the boot can not be produced normally, the after-sales personnel communicate with the customer and rush to the site according to the customer's request time).
The company's after-sales staff are on call 24 hours a day, and the holidays are endless.
4. Service principle: product warranty period is one 12 months
During the warranty period: the supplier will repair and replace the parts and components caused by quality reasons for free. The equipment caused by the human factor of the demand side shall be damaged. The parts repaired or provided by the supplier shall be calculated at the cost price.
Outside the warranty period: the supplier will provide the customer with paid technical support and replacement of the parts and components caused by quality reasons. The parts repaired or provided by the supplier are calculated based on the cost price plus a certain cost.
5. Sound after-sales equipment on-site technical debugging guidance program
After the equipment arrives at your company, our company arranges the installation and commissioning of engineers and technicians.
Our company arranges after-sales technicians to the customer company, responsible for training and technical guidance (may extend the time according to the customer's appropriate requirements).
Our company's after-sales technicians are responsible for comprehensive training. Your company's operations and technicians are responsible for the installation and operation of our company's equipment.
6. After-sales customer return visit and service file management
Our marketing or after-sales personnel will call back to the customer once a week to understand the operation and use of the machine.
Regardless of the new and old customers, our company has solved the problems and problems that occur when the machine is in use.
Establish a complete customer service after-sales file, record the details of each visit, so that the engineering department can refer to the research.
If the customer needs, the service file can be backed up for reference.
7. After-sales service system and customer complaint handling
After-sales personnel obey the unified command arrangement during the service of the client company.
After-sales personnel must abide by the management system and various rules and regulations of all aspects of the client company.
After-sales personnel should fill in the after-sales report during the factory stay, and ask the customer's technical staff to sign and confirm and return it to our company.
If the customer finds that the after-sales service personnel of our company are not behaving properly or the service is not in place during the service, please feel free to call our company to make a complaint.
According to the actual situation of the complaint, the customer may decide whether the post-sales personnel who have been complained of will continue to stay in the factory, and may propose to replace other after-sales personnel.
Our company has a special customer complaint line (020-32371990, 13826290588) Mr. Zhang.

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